Thursday, July 29, 2004

Dave and Todd - Q&A

I'll be posting a thorough report of yesterday's convention craziness soon. Until then...

TODD: What was your reaction to the protest zone?

DAVE: When we were there the place was pathetic. There were a handful of people who were basically just looking for some form of entertainment. Hoping to see some protesters. There were a few nutjobs, religious fantatics. But, in fairness, we may have been there before the main protest started later in the evening so I want to give it one more chance tonight to see if the protesters really are serious. I'm also going to be giving a speech (that we'll be videotaping) in the "free speech zone" - yes, I'm serious - since the microphone is open to anyone.

I saw on the news this morning that 20 delegates toured the free speech zone and they were all unhappy about it that the protesters had to be caged like that.

TODD: I've heard that Ashcroft or someone like that would have to be the one to take zone down, that Kerry has no control?

DAVE: If that's true then Kerry should be speaking out strongly against it. His absence of speech on that if he really has no control is shameful.

The convention is the biggest thing going in town now. It looked like the people there were just bored dudes looking for something to see. If they can't get into the convention, the only thing open to the public there is the protest zone.

I saw this one mentally retarded guy saying awful racist shit and all the immature videographers were flocking to him for the shock value, cheap laugh. That's why we didn't shoot him.

TODD: What was Al Sharpton's speech like from the inside?

DAVE: Al Sharpton brought the house down. Three separate times he drove the entire audience into a frenzy. When he went into the "we never got the 40 acres...ride the donkey" part -- the place went nuts. When he said "My vote is not for sale" and made the case for why blacks go Democrat -- be cause they see the possiblity of a better future that the Dem party can bring them. They don't see that hope in the Rep party. Bush was insulting when he said the Dems take you for granted. Republicans don't just ignore blacks, they bait whites over and over into voting racially, appealing to their prejudices to get their vote. I wish he had gone one more and said that. The whole "southern strategy" thing.

TODD:  What about Edwards?

DAVE:  He basically gave his stump speech, which everyone agrees is a great stump speech. As a convention speech it was pretty good. It played well in the auditorium, though there was a bit of adulation that went too far for me. They gave him a 2 1/2 minute standing O before he even started speaking. The biggest applause was when he talked about race, how it's appropriate to talk about racial issues everywhere and often.  I like his view of what's wrong with America. I agree with it, but the idea in the policy area that these tax credits is the entire answer, I don't know. It seemed very Clintonian. A big vision, small ideas. Buy hey, it's a million times better than Bush. But he didn't have to win my vote last night.

TODD: Any mischief in the auditorium?

DAVE:  I kept telling different delegates on the floor there's a rumor in the auditorium that you're the only person in this hall who's gonna vote for Bush. They all got defensive and were like "You're lying!"

TODD: You fell asleep at one point?

DAVE: During Senator Granholm's speech. It might have been an OK speech, but I'd only gotten a half an hour of shut-eye on the red-eye. We'd been shooting all day and I needed to recuperate a little. I woke up only after falling ove into the guy next to me.

TODD: For the video you had a joke question about Edwards's "Two Americas"?

DAVE:  I asked people "When Edwards complains about the disparity between the 'Two Americas', is he really that eager for South America to catch up? Do we want to be picking their fruit?" This one woman said to me, really sympathetically, " Honey I don't think he's talkin about South America," accompanied by this "poor thing" look. I made this "I'm ashamed face" it's was funny. One guy responded "There's Central America too" so that would be a third America . Fucker.

I also asked people if John Edwards could take the Al Gore out of John Kerry. Not everyone understood what I meant.

I tried to spread the rumor in the convention that John Kerry was going to keep Ashcroft on as Attorney General if elected.  When I told people that they said maybe it's true, it's what he has to do please everybody and they would still vote for Kerry. A couple people seemed shocked. But a forgiving bunch overall.



Blogger Teterla said...

If one more $(%$&%($&* person focuses on Kerry's lack of charisma, i am really going to scream. Why can't we focus on the real problems and real issues? Why can't this party stop complaining about this, and start working on getting real votes and real energy and real charisma about the real concerns? Can we PLEASE move passed this? Let Edwards deal with it. Let Kerry deal with beating Bush, and paving a path for this country that is intellient,realistic, and compassionate.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The US Senate webpage makes no mention of a "Senator Granholm":

Click Here You all don't mean GOVERNOR Granholm of Michigan, do you?

12:27 PM  

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