Sunday, August 01, 2004

CHASING WES CLARK (Convention - Wed the 28th)

The strong-chinned general Wes Clark spoke at a DNC-sponsored national security briefing at the Sheraton (a real journalist would have written down who the other two speakers were). As the General finished, I muscled my way to the front of the fray to ask for an interview.

I said hurriedly, “General, I went to your meet-ups, I was a volunteer in your campaign, could we get a quick intervie-”… And as quickly as he shook my hand, he whisked right by me and shot for the door. And I thought that was it. But then I saw a crowd of fellow pseudo-journs following him with mikes and tape-recorders stuck in his face. Todd said “Get him” and the chase was on. I had briefly forgotten when you’re with the media, that sort of thing is not considered stalking.

The General just wasn’t interested in talking and the throng just didn’t care. We followed him out of the room, into the hall, through a corridor and past another set of doors before his people finally slammed a set of hotel double-doors shut on us.

Too bad. Had I gotten the interview, I wasn’t even going to ask him to admit all his dithering on entering the race cost him his chance at winning. I wasn’t even going to ask how a man as smart as him could have voted for Reagan. All I wanted to do was thank him for entering the race, tell him it was an honor to support him, and ask about his future in politics (Secretary of Defense under Kerry?).

His body language and hollow smile seemed to convey he was still disappointed about not winning the nomination. He was also rather short.


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