Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Families Who Like to Kick It


At the Democratic convention we heard repeatedly that the Democrats would work tirelessly for “working families,” would stand up against corporations for “working families,” would pander shamelessly to “working families” while at the same time making back-door deals with the powerful lobbyists against their interests. (OK, maybe they didn’t put forth that last part, but how many “working families” got the gilded yacht tour of Boston Harbor?)

One of the questions I’ve been pondering in this election and asked often in the taping of our video at the convention – is who will stand up for those families who just like to kick it? What about the families for whom work is a viable but all too cumbersome option? Who will stand up for the kin that chooses to sit around the television all day, smoking Js, watching re-runs of “Hee Haw?” Why are the “kickin’- it families” being so marginalized in our political discourse?

When we asked the conventioneers specifically about families that prefer to “kick-it-laid-back-mind-on-money, money-on-mind-style,” quite frankly, many of them didn’t seem to even understand what we were talking about. Proof again that our politicians just don’t speak the language of the non-working man.

When Dave & Todd’s Wild Democracy Ride kicked it with Amy Goodman of Pacifica radio and “Democracy Now” she reached into the depths of her intellectual soul and pointed out that most families have to work to get by. The Democrats had better hope so, or else this lofty “working families” rhetoric could be a gambit that backfires, bitterly.


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