Monday, August 23, 2004

Who are these people?

We already knew George W. Bush was the most venal politician of the modern era (easily besting Nixon in my view) - but who are the rest of these people?

John Kerry, I thought you were the man who only goes to war "when we have to, not because we want to"? So why are you letting your national security advisor say you would "probably" have invaded Iraq as president even without evidence of WMD? Why can't you say (as Clinton did at the DNC) that the weapons inspectors needed to at least evince some evidence of a threat before igniting so costly a bloodshed? How can you honestly say with a straight face today that all the blood and treasure lost and hatred fomented, was worth it?

Bob Dole, all that viagra has clearly gone to the wrong head. I thought you were supposed to be the stately Senator man of moderation and reason. But now you're using your war hero clout to take pot-shots at Kerry on Bush's behalf about whether his boat was precisely in Cambodia at the time he said it was. Maybe we'll never know for sure how far into no-man's-land Kerry's boat drifted - but you all of all people should understand that undermining a man's heroic service in this way to score cheap points for your political horse is a most putrid act for a fellow veteran. In retirement apparently you're happy to play the part of Republican hatchet man. Your lecherous-leering-at-Britney Pepsi ads were more seemly.

John McCain, what is your deal? For reasons unbeknownst to me you've had a hard-on for the war in Iraq from the beginning, though you've rightly criticized the Bushies for all their post-oc missteps. Still, you're doing your all to bolster the president who took you down in the lowest form imaginable and whose policies (from tax cuts to pork barrel spending and all the corporate cronyism that I know turns your entrails) you've consistenly opposed over the last four years. Is that the work of a maverick? How can a man so firm in his beliefs that he would rather suffer in a POW camp than abandon his comrades - so readily abandon his principles for the advancement of his political party (and another shot at commander in chief in 2008)? Remember the "iron triangle" of special interests you were purportedly fighting against in 2000? So apparently now you're their champion.


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