Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What John Kerry should ask Dubya in the debates

John Kerry: Mr. President you owe an answer to the folks in this hall and the millions of others watching tonight about where you’ve taken the country in your first term. What you have done with our jobs? We had two million more when your term began, and all you’ve had is excuses and empty promises about why you’re the only president in generations to lose jobs. What have you done with our surplus? We were trillions in the black before and now with your tax cuts for the gilded class and war of choice in Iraq we’re trillions in the red. What have you done to the environment? You’ve gutted environmental regulation for the benefit of corporations and your campaign contributors. You love to speak about values; do you believe that the choice of enhancing corporate bottom lines to the detriment of the air we breathe and the water we drink (with more arsenic thanks to you) reflects the values of this country’s citizens? And what have you done to our reputation around the world? We used to be the most respected country on earth both diplomatically and militarily, but now we are neither. All because of how you recklessly and unilaterally went to war in Iraq and bungled the aftermath of the war our allies are alienated and we’re reminded with the daily news reports that the situation on the ground is bloody, chaotic and worsening. And why are you being dishonest about this by saying we’re making ‘progress’ when we’re clearly not? And furthermore, why did you tell us we had accomplished our mission in Iraq when we had clearly not? Why did you divert the war against terror in Afghanistan and its rebuilding to pursue a war against a country with no relationship to 9/11 or Al Qaeda?

You fashion yourself a straight-talker, Mr. President, and I believe the country deserves straight answers. Here’s your chance.


John Kerry: Mr. President, why can’t you watch sports and eat a pretzel at the same time? Is ‘My Pet Goat’ really that much of a can’t-put-it-down read that you can’t put it down even when the nation is attacked? Would you consider seeing a speech pathologist about correcting your pronunciation of the word nuclear? How much does getting a DUI suck? I have a friend who really needs to score some snow – do you have any of your old hook-ups from when you were (supposed to be) in the guard? Does Dick Cheney have to be in the room when you go number two?


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