Friday, October 01, 2004

The Debate and Does My Company Know Something I Don't Know

Props to my hometown of Miami, Florida for finally doing something good for me (and, yes, I suppose the country) in my lifetime. It only took you 27 years but delivering a debate win for the candidate who definitely needed it to beat Bush was clutch. So Allriiiiiight Miami!!! There's not much I can say about the decisive W that Kerry posted on Dubya last night that hasn't been said already. I found myself actually feeling sorry for conservatives that their top dog can't even begin to coherently articulate their argument. Then I found myself thinking about who controls the Senate, House, Presidency, Supreme Court and started feeling sorry for all of us...


The company I work for currently, which is so munificently laying me off at the end of the year, may know something the rest of us don't. Seemingly out of the blue they have dispensed a "disaster" pack to all employees.

Courtesy of my company in my custody now are the following in case of an emergency:

1. FOOD RATION FOR ONE -- It says it has a 5 year shelf life in case I don't get hungry for a while. It recommends "Per Serving/3 Times Daily." Or since there are three bars - three bars for the one day. Gosh, hope I'm not trapped underground that extra day -- I'll be famished!!

2. A WHISTLE - In case we feel like playing tag football in the rubble. We can referee ourselves like the pros do!!

3. GLOVES & MASK -- So when I have to do an ad-hoc amputee on my co-worker I won't have to get my hands dirty. The mask is to feel authentic while playing doctor.

4. 2 WATER PACKS -- Who can drink just one?

5. EMERGENCY BLANKET -- When the nuclear holocaust hits, it will be crucial to stay warm.

The security kit came delivered in a fanny pack. So take that to the safety bank Brian Stromblad.


Blogger TWB said...

Ha! That is interesting timing. But I'm afraid without plastic sheeting and duct tape you're toast!

2:40 PM  

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