Friday, October 08, 2004

Questions members of the undecided voter audience should ask Bush tonight:

Should I have spent that $300 tax rebate on an X-Box console, an extra paddle and two games (Madden and Halo of course)? Or should I have spent it on an X-Box console, two extra paddles, the net adapter and wireless gear? And is it really possible to beat MechAssault 2? What’s that you say? It is, but it’s hard work? I see…

Will you visit your key campaign contributor Ken “Kenny Boy” Lay of Enron in prison or have someone on the inside go “Oz” on him so he can’t spill on your real relationship?

If Cheney has a heart attack in a private one-on-one meeting – is mouth to mouth out of the question?

Is it funny or hack for me to say the only thing Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction are destroying are your presidency? Hack, oh darn…

Did you think when you started out as president you could really do this worse than dad?

How ‘bout them Cowboys?!!!

Who’s your favorite French filmmaker? Ahh, I know, it’s so hard to pick between Truffaut and Renoir…

Why is it that your God (who you tell us you sometimes consult with on political matters) only seems to watch Fox News?

Who puts out? Barbara or Jenna?


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