Monday, November 01, 2004

“That fake turkey you’re carrying is your presidency”

Random thoughts on the eve of our country’s most important election…

Two slogans for the first term of Bush II :

“That fake turkey you’re carrying is your presidency”

“Never forget…Poland”

A book:

“How to Learn to Better Pronounce the Names of Leaders of Foreign Countries’ and Nothing Else in Four Years as President”

"My Fake Pet Turkey"

A movie:

"My Big Fat Fake Turkey"

At the beginning of this election season, Todd and I agreed we had to do everything in our own power to prevent another Bush term. Have we? Well, we started a newsletter and blog, went to the DNC, spent weekends traveling to swing states, and logged a load of hours phone-banking and talking to anyone who'd listen. Still, did we do everything we could? Absolutely not. Thousands of activists, many of whom we encountered on this journey, have devoted their entire lives, or committed every ounce of free time to the cause. People have left their jobs (permanently) and their families (temporarily) to volunteer in battleground states full-time. I gave money, but I could have stayed in a couple of nights and contributed more. I could have gone campaining every weekend. But I'm still proud of our efforts. We decided this was important and that we were going to be active in this campaign, and if we didn’t give everything, we gave (what at least felt like) a lot. If for no other reason, the time spent has been worth it just because of the friendship it has cemented between myself and Todd (who I hadn’t known for all that long when we began). If I got into this effort because I loathe He Who Must Not Be Named, Todd did because he loves what America can be. And really, really wants to legalize prostitution (kidding, kidding).

Electoral map:

Assuming Kerry’s safe in Pennsylvania, which I pray/believe is the case, our senator will most likely need to sweep Florida and Ohio. With the census changes and Bush looking likely to pick up New Mexico or Iowa and possibly either Wisconsin or Minnesota, going two-for-two in FL and OH could be a must. And I think he can do it. Kerry has a lead in OH and his position in FL looks stronger than Gore’s four years ago. But we’ll see…

On the bright side:

If He Who Must Not Be Named is reelected, at least we’ll know what we’re getting this time. When he makes the tax cuts for the wealthy permanent, starves government of funds for social programs, blows a diplomatic opportunity/crisis, raids social security, guts environmental protection, or recklessly invades another foreign country not involved in 9/11, there should be no shock. The writing isn’t on the wall this time. The writing is on all of us.

Why are we so pissed at the French?

It’s easy to hate on those who said you were wrong… and were proved right. Don’t we wish we could have our 250 billion and thousands of casualties back?


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