Monday, August 30, 2004

RNC Agenda - "A Nation of Courage"

The networks for some reason have decided to only cover 3 hours of each convention, in other words, 1 hour of 3 out of the 4 nights. The networks chose not to cover the Dems' Tuesday night line-up (Barak Obama and Teresa Heinz Kerry) and this time Monday night gets the shaft. Can't blame them, I guess, since Wednesday and Thursday are Cheney and Bush, respectively, so the networks had one more night to fill and had to choose from between fake hero Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday night and real life heroes John McCain and Rudy Giuliani on Monday night. Hmm, guess which one they chose.

(Sidenote from Time Out New York:

Number of hours NBC covered the Democratic National Convention: 3
Number of hours NBC covered the Olympics: 226)

The official agenda released by the RNC includes speeches by Ed Gillespie, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (IL), actor Ron Silver, Representative Heather Wilson (NM), it-couple Jason Sehorn and Angie Harmon, Senator Lindsey Graham (SC)culminating with Senator John McCain (AZ) and The Honorable Rudy Giuliani Former Mayor of the City of New York.

Perhaps wanting to limit accusations that they are using this convention to exploit 9/11 (what? no, they wouldn't do that...), according to the National Journal:

Although they weren't on the official program released Sunday, three family members of the Sept. 11 victims who are sympathetic to President Bush and Rudy Giuliani will precede the former New York City mayor's speech on Monday night. GOP sources tell National Journal's Convention Daily that the individuals are Debra Burlingame, whose brother Charles was a pilot on American Airlines Flight 77 when it struck the Pentagon; Deena Burnett, whose husband Tom died on United Airlines Flight 93 when it crashed into the Pennsylvania countryside; and Tara Stackpole, whose husband, Capt. Timothy Stackpole, was a firefighter who died at the World Trade Center.


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