Wednesday, September 15, 2004

9/11 Widows Update

So after corresponding with the office of the Public Editor of the New York Times, I was informed that did post this article about the 9/11 widows' endorsement of Kerry, although it's hidden at the very bottom of the "More Stories" page of the "Campaign 2004" page.

I must also correct my comment about CNN giving the story short shrift. The 9/11 widows were on CNN and here is the statement from Kristen Breitweiser:

I think my own personal experience in the last three years, where I'd hoped that President Bush -- someone that I voted for, that my husband voted for -- would have been my biggest ally in trying to correct the problems that occurred on the morning of September 11th and trying to make this nation safer.

And what I found out, for the last three years, is that he was our biggest adversary. And I'm very disappointed.

With regard to the 9/11 Commission, President Bush fought the creation of the commission; fought the legislative language to make sure the commission was set up in a bipartisan manner; fought the funding of the commission; fought an extension for the commission; fought access to individuals and documents.

This commission was very important because it was going to make sure that we learn from the mistakes that occurred in 9/11 and, in a sense, honor the lost lives by making sure that in the next attack -- which we know is going to happen -- more lives would be saved.

I have not flown in an airplane since 9/11. When I see planes in the sky, I have flashbacks of the plane entering my husband's building. I have committed to the campaign that I will travel. I want to get the word out. I want the people in this country to understand that national security must be a priority -- a priority in action, not just in words. And I'm willing to get on a plane. And assuming I can do that, I will do that. And that is how committed I am, and how much I believe in Senator Kerry being our president.

And I can tell you from my heart, I reached out to the Kerry campaign. I reached out after the Republican convention that was in New York, and I felt that listening to people talk about 9/11 as incessantly as it was done during the campaign -- or the convention in New York, if you're going to use 9/11, use it to make this nation safer than it was on 9/11. And that's not being done. If you're going to use 9/11, if you're going to be impassioned about the lives lost on 9/11, then do so by making us safer. Don't use 9/11 to go to war in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 -- not on my husband's name.

Now let's see if this statement gets any media play.


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