Thursday, September 30, 2004

E-Mail Message From Kerry Campaign

Tonight is an important night. It's not only the first presidential debate between John Kerry and George Bush, but also the last quarterly fundraising deadline of this election. There are two crucial actions you can take tonight that will make a real impact on Election Day: making a contribution to the Democratic Party before the deadline tonight at midnight, and participating in our debate response activities, which you will be informed of by e-mail later today.

Based on the money that is raised by midnight tonight, the Democratic Party will make key decisions about how much to spend and where to spend it. We want those decisions to be based on the strategy choices that will win the election, not financial constraints.

We are hours away from this critical deadline, so please make a contribution now:

As a campaign, we outraised George Bush during the first and second quarters of this year -- now we have the opportunity to help the Democratic Party outraise the Republican Party during the third quarter -- for the first time in history.

You have accomplished something so amazing during this election. Once, it was an accepted fact that Republicans will always outraise Democrats. Outraising the Republican Party on the night of the first debate will be another stunning demonstration of your power.

This goal is within reach, and you can put us over the top.

Please forward this e-mail to friends and family who care deeply about this election, and ask them to contribute before the midnight deadline.

Please be sure to read the e-mails later today which will inform you of how you can be a crucial part of our debate response activities. You can make the difference in the closing days of this election.


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