Friday, October 01, 2004

Fox News Lies - UPDATE

Interesting. First, if you haven't read the backstory on this, check it out HERE.

Now, Fox News has posted a retraction and apology for spreading lies about John Kerry:
Earlier Friday, posted an item purporting to contain quotations from Kerry. The item was based on a reporter’s partial script that had been written in jest and should not have been posted or broadcast. We regret the error, which occurred because of fatigue and bad judgment, not malice.
So what really happened? Josh Marshall has it:

Late this afternoon I spoke to Fox spokesman Paul Schur who told me the following ...

“Carl [Cameron] made a stupid mistake which he regrets. And he has been reprimanded for his lapse in judgment. It was a poor attempt at humor.”

So the Fox reporter covering the Kerry campaign puts together this Kerry-bashing parody right out of the RNC playbook with phony quotes intended to peg him as girlish fool and somehow it found its way on the Fox website as a news item.

Imagine that.


Blogger Fletcher Christian said...

The worst thing about Carl Cameron's excuse is that he claimed it was in jest. Jest, to me, implies humor. I'm not so partisan that I can't laugh at jokes made at John Kerry's expense (some of the SNL stuff from this weekend was hilarious). But Carl, all you've told us now is that in addition to being personal strange and a hopelessly biased reporter, you're also NOT FUNNY, which is the worst offense of all.

8:35 AM  

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