Friday, October 15, 2004

Report From The Ground In NV

Wild Democracy Ride's friend Mauricio has been working his ass off in Las Vegas this whole week for the Kerry campaign, helping out the Democratic HQ there until about 2am every night. They've just opened up another office and are getting ready for the final 2 week push. The voter registration deadline has passed and there's been a lot of reporting on an RNC-funded firm that has allegedly torn up hundreds or even thousands of Democratic registrations. There are conflicting reports, and while it's been front page news in the Vegas papers, it hasn't really hit nationally except for editorials. So the effort now is focusing on getting people to vote early, hopefully minimizing election day controverrsy and, if there is a problem, allow enough time to resolve it before election day. Mauricio said they've got 60 vans ready to take volunteers door to door to urge people to vote early. They intend to hit 50,000 houses just this weekend alone.

Mauricio said that since the debates, phonebanking has measured a significant increase in Kerry enthusiasm. People are more interested in talking about the election and expressing their support for Kerry. When I phonebanked there a couple weeks ago, I spoke to several undecided voters who said they needed to watch the debates to get more information. Looks like they have been.

He had just gotten back from a Kerry rally with Senator Harry Reid and Illinois Senatorial candidate Barak Obama, who, since he's so far ahead in his own race, is lending his considerable charisma to stumping for Kerry and downticket races around the country. Mauricio said the guy is so amazing he nearly brought people to tears.

Reid apparently quoted a new poll that has Kerry up by 1 point in Nevada. Thanks for the report, Mauricio, and keep up the good work!


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