Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"Liberal" Media Strikes Again

While the conservative cable news hate spewers Hannity and Scarborough are pre-occupied with becoming the next von Susteren and Abrams by covering the Natalee Holloway disappearance ad infinitum (yes, people would rather hear you interview the girl's poor mother for the fiftieth time than distort facts to parrot Republican talking points) I'll take this opportunity to counter one of their favorite talking points: that the liberal media has nothing positive to report about Iraq and only wants us to fail over there.

Here's an excerpt from today's Washington Post editorial:
...the announcement yesterday that they intend to finish the draft document in time for the parliament to approve it by Aug. 15 -- a decision that partly reflects U.S. opposition to a postponement -- is extremely good news. As the Iraqi elections in January proved, positive steps taken toward a permanent, legitimate government boost the morale of those Iraqis who want to live in a peaceful society, even when those steps aren't taken under the best possible conditions. More important, there is evidence that the constitution-writing process is itself driving some of the violence.

The subtext of this paragraph, as Kos's Armando rightly points out, is that the Washington Post's editorial board, supposedly a pillar of the America hating left, still buys into the rosy projections of the Bush admministration after having been proven time and again that they do not deserve the benefit of any doubt. Every time another milestone is reached, we are meant to believe that the violence is going to end this time, really; democracy is on the march, people. No, the Bushies just want to be able to get out with some face as soon as possible so as not to lose in '08 because of Iraq backlash and the only way to do that with any credibility is if the Iraqi government is established and kicks our ass out. They know we won't have won, but have already begun to lower the bar of success -- after the havoc we have wrought in their land, after the death our presence there has caused to civilians and military alike, we will leave because the Iraqi government tells us to and claim that the fact that the Iraqi government has the self-determination to do so in itself is victory.

No, to call the Washington Post liberal is an insult to liberals.


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