Friday, September 02, 2005

Even Bill O'Reilly Gets It Right Sometimes

I may disagree with Bill O'Reilly on most things political, but he sometimes veers into liberal territory, especially when it comes to speaking out for the common man and expressing outrage at abuse of power. Sometimes O'Reilly puts politics aside, and sometimes even do I. From his Talking Points Memo from Wednesday:
Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman should inform American oil companies not to profiteer. In fact, I think their profits should be cut back by 20 percent to spare America's pain. Any oil company that does not voluntarily comply with that should be exposed.

President Bush should ask OPEC to drop the price of oil $15 a barrel tomorrow. It costs OPEC about $4 a barrel to produce and market the crude. They're getting $70 a barrel on the open market. Do the math. This is a gouge.

Diane Sawyer asked Bush about the former proposal on Good Morning America on Thursday. This was his response:
What I'd like to see is corporate America make sure they contribute to help with these victims, that there be an outpouring of contributions for these relief efforts.
Lest we forget the oil man roots of this president.


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