Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Live Commentary in Real Time - The Reverend Al Sharpton

OK, he's talking about Bush's speech to the Urban League last week, in which Bush asked if maybe they'd consider supporting him this year. I believe in 2000 Bush had 10% of the black vote. We were told today by people at the Black Caucus Delegates' Meeting that that support would be declining this year. Dave asked one delegate if any blacks would be supporting George Bush this year, he said he didn't know of any.

I have to say it's thrilling to hear Democrats, both at the convention and at the committees, not hide from the Florida debacle in their rhetoric. Gore spoke of counting every vote and said we need to direct our anger toward defeating George W. Bush. It is especially poignant among blacks who were disproportionately disenfranchised by Jeb Bush's outrageous felon purge list as well as other ridiculous events. I look forward to hear the Reverend do his thing on the subject.

"We can't survive in the world by ourselves. How did we squander this opportunity to unite the world?"

I AM AL SHARPATON AND I AM YELLING. MY NAME IS AL AND I AM YELLING. He was actually much better in the smaller setting of the committee meeting.

Ahh, he's talking about giving DC the right to vote. There was an event here about the issue -- the slogan being "no taxation without representation." I'll try to find out more about it for future posts.

Al's making a great case for why blacks support Democrats, laying waste to the Republican party line that the Democratic Party takes the black vote for granted.

OK, his delvery is getting more effective. He's in his inimitible Al zone. "We believed if we kept on working, if we kept on marching, if we kept on fighting, we would make America beautiful again for everybody."

Wow, man. Good shit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Despite his very self-conscious MLK-ian oratorical style, I found myself hopelessly enthralled by the Rev. Though his message may be wholly in service to finally achieving a position of influence and respect, I heard some welcome truths in his speech. It's high time someone actually commented on the elephant in the room...

- Koelsch

3:42 PM  

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