Thursday, July 29, 2004

No Convention For You!!

At 7:30pm, they stopped the escalators up to the convention hall. We were told that it was temporary but our first hint that perhaps neither of us would make it into the hall for the big speech was when we happened to speak with the Associate Director of Security outside. Even he was prevented from getting in. We told him he's doing his job extremely well.

They finally turned people away at around 8:30pm. So, resigned to our fate, we just continued interviewing people before heading back to the media filing room. We're surprisingly content with the outcome, perhaps because only one of us could have been inside the hall at any given time. And although we had a complicated plan of how to ensure that one would be able to secure a seat and save it for the other, looking back, it was clearly painfully naive, and really, as we said before, it is just a big show.

As I watch the Kerry girls charmingly praise their father, I'm reminded that there are some genuine aspects to this evening, as produced as it may be.


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