Monday, August 30, 2004

Bush: His Own Worst Enemy

The further we get along in this campaign, the more Bush will be in situations that require him to speak off the cuff. He'll be giving more interviews (where Karl Rove's hand will not be able to be up his ass) and there are those darn debates after all. His incompetence in this arena, of course, is both his blessing and his curse. Apparently, to some, it makes him seem more "like one of us." But it also potentially puts on the record some comments that his handlers would rather never occured to the man, let alone left his mouth in the form of words. Just in the last couple of days there were two doozies. First Bush said that Iraq is a "catastrophic success" and then this morning, in response to the question whether or not we can win the war on terror, he answered "no."

John Kerry's answer to the latter question? "Absolutely" but problem is, he was freakin' windsurfing at the time.

Think about this. George W. Bush, war president, the man who takes the fight to the terrorists, the man who has nothing to run on BUT the war on terror, does not think this is a war we can win!?!?

Ask every Republican you know if this is their position, that the war is unwinnable. Ask why on earth they would vote for someone who is fighting an unwinnable war and how it must make the troops feel to learn that this is what the commander in chief thinks of their efforts. We should shout from the highest mountain that John Kerry will fight and win the war on terror, and that George Bush does not see victory as an option.

You gotta wonder what the dude was thinking. What was Anne Richards's comment about GHW Bush at the 1988 convention? "He was born with a silver foot in his mouth"? Like father like son.


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