Wednesday, September 15, 2004

On Again Off Again - Nader Update

OK, so first Nader was on the Florida ballot, then he was off, then he was on and then he was off...and now he's back on...sort of.

The Florida State Supreme Court has stayed the opinion of a lower court that took Nader off the ballot, pending their final decision on the matter by Saturday, the deadline for mailing out absentee ballots to military abroad. In the meantime, no ballots are permitted to be mailed, with or without his name, until their final ruling on Saturday.

I don't know if the fact that Florida's State Supreme Court is made up of a majority of Democrats will have any bearing on their pending decision but it certainly appears as though there's an argument to be made that Nader is ineligible based on the lower court's ruling that the Reform Party (whose candidate he is in Florida) does not qualify as a national party under Florida law.

Looks like we'll have a final answer by this weekend, but one always wonders in Florida if any answer is final before it's ruled on by The Supreme Court. So I'm not holding my breath.


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