Monday, October 18, 2004

Early Voting

Dave and I phonebanked on Saturday to Las Vegas to let people know that early voting had begun that day in Nevada and urged them to take advantage of it. If the person we called expressed interest in voting early, we were armed with early vote polling locations, an offer of a ride to the polls if needed and a phone number they could call for more information. The Democratic National Committee is pushing especially hard for people to vote early because it gives them more time to get people out to vote, it takes advantage of what they perceive to be John Kerry's post-debate momentum and if there is a problem with a voter's registration, there may be time to fix it by November 2.

Early voting is slightly different from voting absentee, because you actually go to a polling place prior to Election Day but it's not available everywhere. This chart provides details of all early voting opportunities by state around the country, including Early Voting, Traditional Absentee Voting and Absentee In Person voting.

We should all urge our friends who live in swing states in which early voting is is currently available, Nevada, Florida, Colorado, Arizona and West Virginia, to take advantage of it in order to minimize problems on Nov. 2.


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