Friday, October 01, 2004

So-Called Liberal CNN

I don't know what's more absurd, the idea that the media is, by and large, liberal or that CNN is a part of that so-called liberal media. It really seems that to avoid appearing biased, mainstream media outlets, CNN most of all, make a point of criticizing Kerry whenever possible. It was like pulling teeth last night to get concessions of a victory out of pundits' mouths. In fact the most forceful advocates of Kerry's performance seemed to be conservatives Joe Scarborough, Bill Kristol and Pat Buchanan. But be that as it may, below is a perfect example of the outrageous bias against Kerry. Media Matters breaks it down for us (check out their site, there's more where this came from.)
CNN news anchor Miles O'Brien:


[T]he debates are now set. That obviously is going to be a pivotal moment in this campaign. [CNN, Live From..., 9/21/04]


Well, by now we've seen the numbers, the major post-debate polls indicating the winner was Senator John Kerry over President Bush, but not to sound flip -- or flop, for that matter -- so what? What does Kerry's apparent win in the first of three debates mean for the race for president? [CNN, Live From..., 10/1/04]

This is the same guy that called The Swiftboat Veterans For Truth the "truth squad."


Blogger Fletcher Christian said...

Regardless of any specific political content in these statements, Miles O'Brien is the worst anchor on cable news. He should go back to being an aviation/space/science reporter so we only have to deal with him when NASA screws something up.

8:28 AM  

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