Friday, June 17, 2005

Fox News Miscellani

Air America this morning reported that FoxNews's Carl Cameron said that Walter Jones and Ron Paul, the two Republican Congressmen who co-sponsored bi-partisan legislation demanding an Iraq pull-out schedule, are "considered by many to be eccentric." I thought Sean Hannity's attack of Christians who are against the war on his show was pathetic but now weasely Cameron is slandering Republicans who don't toe the party line.

John Conyers's hearing on the Downing Street Minutes yesterday was a huge success. Know how I know? Because it's gotten mainstream media outlets talking about the prospect of a Congressional inquiry into the manipulation of the lead-up to the Iraq War, including CNN, one of whose anchors actually uttered the phrase "this story is really heating up." Democracy Now reports that, while the hearing was covered live on only C-SPAN 3, all cable news outlets had cameras at the hearing...except Fox News.

And finally, Fox News has reportedly hired retired four star general and former Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark to be a military and foreign affairs commentator. Leading up to and during the initial invasion of Iraq (prior to his announcing his candidacy), Clark was often seen on CNN offering compelling and informative commentary about the war on CNN. Unfortunately, he could never translate the ease he has on television talking about such matters to the campaign trail. It's interesting that Fox News has now picked him up. It may be a mutually beneficial relationship, perhaps serving to moderate each other's reputation, but it certainly seems like a better deal for Clark. I can only assume he will use the opportunity to counter the myth that the Democratic party is anti-military and promote the virtues of the Democratic Party's policy of international cooperation. Since he's signing on as an expert, he'll be the go-to guy on certain matters for anchors, not someone to argue with or cut down. One wonders what Fox News is thinking since all signs are pointing to another run for General Clark in 2008. Go Wes Go!


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