Monday, October 03, 2005

Eating Their Own

George Bush has nominated his trusted advisor and White House Counsel since last year, Harriet Miers, to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. She has no judicial experience but boatloads of loyalty to Bush, which to this president is an adequate substitute for experience. But interestingly, she has also given to Democrats in the past, specifically in 1988, when she gave to the DNC, Al Gore for President, and the re-election of Lloyd Bentsen to the Senate. And one prominent conservative blog doesn't like it one bit. Finally, they're turning on him:
It appears, for what it is worth, that George W. Bush was the ultimate stealth nominee. He has acted like a true-blue conservative, talking the talk and walking the tax cut walk. But, he has expanded government, spent the future, and now nominated she who has the potential to be a female Souter.
Mr. President, you've got some explaining to do. And please remember - we've been defending you these five years because of this moment.
Ahh, this is good shit. We should just sit back and let them fight it out.

I take it from the fact that (mercifully) I have not received any pleading e-mails from the left wing groups about contributing to the opposition to Miers, that she's not altogether offensive to the left, or she just wasn't on the radar and so hasn't been vetted. But it seems to me that, putting aside for a moment her lack of experience on the bench, her closeness to Bush alone is reason for concern.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conservatives were actually pretty peeved at Bush41 back in 1991 for nominating a "stealth" candidate named Clarence Thomas. I wouldn't get your hopes up here, Todd (let alone start gloating). If you go over to a site like FreeRepublic, you'll find that after some initial griping, Conservatives ARE coming around to see that she's a good choice. We'll except those that just want an ideological mudfight.

As to the Dems, well, they're just changing tactics. They know that they probably won't be able to stop her confirmation - so rather than rally the Liberal base they're going to try to divide the Conservative base. Two things against them being successful in this regard: 1.) It's blatently obvious that this is what they are doing, and there are countermeasures available to deal with it and 2.) it's not like the President is worried about winning a 3rd term and Conservative participation in the 2006 and 2008 elections will be based on the candidates running, not on an incumbent who isn't ...

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