Thursday, October 20, 2005

Media Finally Swallows The Red Pill

As my boss is out this week, I've been watching a lot of cable news and it's nice to see the so-called liberal media acting like their usually inaccurate moniker. I've often said, if the media were liberal, wouldn't I be happy with it? For the most part, I've been anything but. But ever since Katrina, the media has stepped up and they've really not relented in their criticism of the Bush administration. It seems now that there's a lot more overlap between the mainstream media and liberal blogs than ever before, as well as between the MM and The Daily Show, as they finally wake up to the abusrdity we've been seeing ever since the Supreme Court stopped the counting of ballots in Florida.

Case in point: CNN's Lou Dobbs. First of all, not only is he a self-proclaimed conservative but he had decidedly non-partisan David Gergen on to discuss the White House's problems of late.

Gergen talking point of choice: "this administration's come off its rails"

He said it literally 3 times in a minute.

CNN graphic of choice: "WHITE HOUSE MESS"


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