Thursday, October 13, 2005

...Make That 4 Polls

OK, first thing's first. The new Pew Poll out today has Bush's approval rating down to 38% (hell, the Bushies are nostalgic for the good ole days of 40%!), the lowest of his presidency.

But check out this other statistic from the poll:
About four-in-ten (41%) say that, in the long run, Bush will be an unsuccessful president, up from 27% in January and the highest percentage expressing that view since he took office. About a quarter (26%) believe Bush will be successful ­ down 10 points since January ­ while 30% say it is too early to tell.
Dang. That is harsh. I almost feel bad for the poor guy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Todd again proves that while he's capable of instantly reposting anything that fits his specific world view, he's lazy when it comes to actually conducting background research.

Here are the low poll numbers for every President since Johnson:

*Johnson: 35%

*Nixon: 24%

*Ford: 37%

*Carter: 28%

*Reagan: 35%

*Bush I: 29%

*Clinton: 37%

What do all those polls have in common? They're all lower than Bush's (although some fall into the margin of error).

11:07 AM  
Blogger TWB said...

As I said in my post, merely remarking on a current trend. Sure, his 37% could be as fleeting as his high of 88-90% was in the fall of 2001. I'm not claiming that it means anything longterm, I'm merely stating that it is so now. Are you really suggesting his plummetting popularity is not notable?

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you really suggesting his plummetting popularity is not notable?

I'm suggesting that it isn't relevant. We'll see where it stands about 10 months from now and look at it in relation to whether the Democrats are able to nationalize the election with their "Contract with America" knock-off attempt and/or whether Republican House and Senate candidates are abole to position themselves properly to his popularity.

12:10 PM  

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