Monday, October 03, 2005

Eating Their Own, Part deux

Conservative sites seem to be coming around to Miers, especially after a release by the White House filled with what even The American Spectator calls "White House Spin."

But what made me smile was a post earlier in the day on the site calling Dick Cheney "wrong":

"Well, we've never backed off from a fight with this Congress or any other Congress. ..." This was the Vice President's response to Rush Limbaugh in discussing the perception that perhaps the Miers nomination was to avoid a fight with Senate Democrats.

The problem is, the Vice President is just wrong. The White House promised a veto of the transporation bill, then punted. The White House had an opportunity to take a more market-oriented Katrina recovery approach and turned it into the New New Deal. The White House was told by more than a dozen Republican Senators that they would fight hard for a Scalia-type conservative Supreme Court nominee this time around, and instead they get someone who looks like an also-ran in a Norma Desmond lookalike contest.

What we've witnessed here today is the dismantling of conservatives' willingness to defend BushCo at any cost. Personally, I'm having a ball watching it all unfold.


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