Wednesday, August 04, 2004

New Zogby Interactive Poll

Here's the latest Zogby Interactive Poll of 16 battleground states. Things continue to look good for Kerry, as he is ahead in 13 of the 16 states, up from 12 in the last poll they released prior to the convention; in addition, Florida and West Virginia went from Bush to Kerry and Nevada shifted from Kerry to Bush. Note that this poll has a unique methodology and favors Kerry more than most state polling has and that 8 out of the 13 states in which Kerry is ahead, he is within the margin of error. Keeping all that in mind, a couple of things we can take from this poll are that there was indeed a bounce, albeit small, from the convention, and that it's looking more and more certain that Pennsylvania, Washington, Michigan, and Minnesota, Gore states all, will remain in the Dem column this fall.


Blogger Koelsch said...

I'm adding this site to my favorites and will check it obsessively. Thanks, Wild Dem Ride!

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