Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Wild Democracy Ride - Quoted Again

A google search of "Wild Democracy Ride" has unearthed yet another quotation of yours truly, this one in a more prominent periodical, The Christian Science Monitor.

In an article titled "At The DNC It's A Blog-Eat-Blog World" they say:

"It may be a bit dramatic to call Barack Obama the future of the Democratic party," writes another, called "Wild Democracy Ride," "but seeing him speak today at the DNC Black Caucus Delegates meeting was pretty incredible."

Of all the things we've written, they quote THIS? I guess in their mind it typifies the sort of off the beaten path reporting that we as bloggers felt was our mandate. And we are certainly proud of the company we keep, for the article actually quotes only 2 blogs, ourselves and Atrios's, one of the biggest blogs of all.


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