Saturday, August 21, 2004

Swift Boat Controversy Continues

This whole Swift Boat Veteran bullshit is making me sick. I mean, if Kerry loses because of this, I guess we never had a chance in the first place. Forget being right on the issues. Forget presenting an actual vision for the future. Forget the fact that Bush has a legacy of loss of jobs, loss of life, and loss of credibility in the world. They literally will do anything to maintain power and I guess we've underestimated them. The question now is will the people see through it? On one hand, I have a hard time believing that they will. They didn't see through it in 2000 when the rightwing smear factory attacked Vietnam vet John McCain. They didn't see through it in 2002 when they attacked Vietnam vet Max Cleland. Why should we think people will see through it now? On the other hand, John Kerry is a fighter and this is bringing it out in him, which is good. And there's that whole truth thing he has on his side. I guess this is all a classic case of optimism vs. cynicism -- will truth win out over lies? I choose to believe yes. It's clear these slimy slanderous tactics are the only way Bush can win and I think every Republican should be ashamed to be affiliated with that party today.

On the plus side, an editor of the Chicago Tribune, who commanded a Swift Boat alongside John Kerry during the events that led to his silver star, has written a complete and moving account of the events of that day, some of which directly counter what the Swift Boat Liars have said.

Read it HERE.

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