Thursday, September 02, 2004

Back From Union Square

Man, Union Square was buzzing today. Once there, I came across a Veterans For Peace "Vigil For The Fallen" during which veterans spoke movingly urging the administration to bring the troops home.

"No matter who wins, forget the politics, forget about Bush's war record, forget about Kerry's war record. We are at war now. One of these guys is going to have to make a decision. Get our guys out of there. Pull out or finish the job but either way, get our guys home."

They then proceeded to read the names, ages, ranks and hometowns of all the war dead, a subversive act in this media culture.

September 11 Families For Peaceful Tomorrows displayed the "memorial stone", a tribute to the "unknown civilians killed in war." They pulled it via caisson from Boston at the end of the DNC to New York for the start of the RNC, tracing the route of the two planes that hit the World Trade Center to spread the message that the politics of revenger is destructive, not constructive. Apparently 80% of war casualties over the past centruy (including acts of terrorism) have been civilians but that story often goes untold.

There was also the Dethroning of King George II. A small stage was erected on which several Revolutionary War era clothed activists spoke about their desire for independence from the "corporate monarchy", taking our government back from "the Halliburtons, Enrons, Carlyle Groups that are bankrupting our nation." They went on to read their own Declaration of Independence from George W. Bush and dethrone a creepy statue of him sitting on the stage. An amusing piece of protest theatre.

And finally, there were 4 large white anti-Bush posters for people to write messages to him on. I'll leave you with my very own message to GWB:

"Like father like son, bitch. See ya!"


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