Thursday, September 02, 2004

Signs In Times Square

Times Square is extremely well policed. Cops on every corner, especially outside the theatres, directing traffic, waving people across, there to ensure that no organized protests break out. That isn't to say that Times Square is entirely protest-free. I saw a guy on a corner, casually standing there reading a book, holding a plastic leg with a sign that said "George Bush War Results." I asked him how people had reacted, he said he hadn't been assaulted yet (woo hoo!) He said he had been standing outside a bank but was asked to move by a combo of security and police, so he did, no problem.

Another guy walked up and down Broadway carrying a sign with the US war dead number, at that point 981, with removable updatable numbers. Which reminded me that I'd read that August pushed 2004 ahead of 2003 in the number of US casualties. Fewer US died in Iraq in 10 months in 2003, the year during which major combat operations supposedly ended, than in the 8 months of this year. has the total number at 978: 482 in 2003, 496 in 2004.


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