Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Back In NYC

I've been in Manhattan now since this morning and have been running around the city, normal except for all the cops, whether directing traffic for no apparent reason, standing outside The New Amsterdam Theatre armed with automatic weapons or just standing on any given corner. The incredible police presence does make me feel like this is the safest city in the world right now but of course, at the same time, their omnipresence is a constant reminder that anything could happen at any time. I've seen a couple headlines announcing at least a thousand arrests, and I wonder how the media is covering it nationally, if someone could give me an idea. Some of the coverage I've seen has implied that there've been fewer arrests and situations than expected.

So far today, I attended an event calling for the extension of the assault weapons ban (it's set to expire on September 14), a Billionaires For Bush seminar (check them out at, I checked out a few of the theatres that gave out tickets to delegates thinking I'd see some delegate harrassment as they went into the matinees (with no interest in taking part in it), but the armed police must have scared them away, and I'm off to some sort of Labor protest down by The Garden and apparently there's going to be a gathering outside Fox later tonight. Should be interesting.

I saw Laura speak last night (snooze) and a montage of Arnold's greatest hits (he was fiery but does anyone really believe he is in the same party as Bush?) but sadly missed the Bush daughters. Were they as bad as I've heard?

More later...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Bush Daughters were a train wreck. Alright, I know they're just out of college, but I don't recall being a giggling moron when I left school. The apple didn't fall far from the tree with these two.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with you on the Bush daughters and their vacuous speech about their father. Honestly, though, the Kerry daughters, while being obviously smarter and more accomplished, were not above delivering the same fluff about their dad during the DNC.

7:17 PM  

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