Thursday, September 16, 2004

Bush Bounce Gone?

So says the latest Harris Poll, conducted by phone between Sept. 9-13 (pre-convention poll numbers are in parenthses):

Kerry 48 (47)
Bush 47 (47)
Nader 2 (3)

Which comes on the heels of an Investor's Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor Poll, conducted Sept. 7-12:

Kerry 46
Bush 46
Nader 3

There's also a new Democracy Corps Poll (admittedly a Dem poll), conducted between Sept. 12-14, which indicates it's a 2-point race (post-convention poll in parentheses):

Kerry 45 (45)
Bush 47 (48)
Nader 3 (4)

Am I breathing easier? Yes. Are we out of the woods? No. I won't feel secure that this represents absolute reality until the next polls conducted by the biggies like Zogby, AP, Pew, and Gallup echo these numbers. But this is a good start. And I'll feel a lot better once state polling comes back around. Kerry is still having trouble in Wisconsin and Florida and Pennsylvania is much tighter than it should be. But as I'll speak about in a later post, there's still plenty of time to close this ever narrowing gap.


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