Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bush's Speech

I was sort of wandering around, listening and watching Bush's speech, joining in the cheers here of 4 more months when it became clear that there were some moles on the floor of the Garden heckling at him. So far, Bush has been interrupted twice. This place went crazy, standing ovations. Hilarious.

So far this speech is pretty weak. It's actually pretty boring. He's trying his darnedest to smile, enunciate and read the teleprompter as though he's not reading. Not surprisingly, this crowd's not a big fan of the content either. What was all that crap about the ownership society? What is all this shit about compassionate conervatism -- they couldn't come up with anything new, they had to kick it old school? And the flip-flop thing again? Embarrassing. Oh no he's running through the list of the coalition of the willing. OK, that took about a second. They just constantly feed bullshit about Kerry, it's amazing. Is it really the goal of a president's acceptance speech to repeat the crap his surrogates have been peddling? Is he saying anything new? More later.


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