Monday, September 27, 2004

New Kerry Ad: Bush "Doesn't Get It"

Watch Kerry's great new ad ripping Bush for his Iraq non-policy HERE.


Narrator: “There he goes again. George Bush said Iraq was ‘mission accomplished.’ 16 months later, he still doesn't get it. Today: over 1,000 US soldiers dead, kidnappings, even beheadings of Americans. Still Bush has no plan what to do in Iraq. How can you solve a problem when you can’t see it? John Kerry’s plan: Train Iraqis to handle their own security … real elections … and work with allies to shoulder the burden. It’s time for a new direction in Iraq.”


Blogger Gore2008 said...


Why does every ad by an anti-Bushie wax horrific about the number of dead soldiers? I hate it when politicians use war dead to win votes.


I hate it when politicians use war dead to make a point.

Hey Senator Kerry - do you think you can stick it to Bush by focusing on his strategic policy? His foreign policy? His econimoc policy?

Please leave the soldiers out of it. I'm pretty sure they would really appreciate it. Thanks!

8:39 PM  

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