Monday, September 27, 2004

Progress Report

From The Center For American Progress's Progress Report:

COLIN POWELL SAYS THINGS ARE GETTING WORSE: Bush continues to insist that there have been "months of steady progress" in Iraq. Yesterday, Secretary of State Colin Powell said that "the insurgency in Iraq is getting worse and that the U.S. occupation there has increased anti-American sentiment in Muslim countries."

IRAQ WAR ASSISTS AL QAEDA RECRUITING: According to intelligence and law enforcement officials interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, the Iraq war has emerged as "
a rallying point for a seemingly endless supply of young extremists willing to die in a jihad, or holy war." Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere, dean of Europe's anti-terrorism investigators, said, "In Iraq, a problem has been created that didn't exist there before." The sentiment was echoed by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, who said on Friday that the invasion of Iraq has "ended up bringing more trouble to the world," in part because it "has aroused the passions of the Muslims."


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