Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hey Ladies!

In 2000, Al Gore received 54% of the women's vote and Bush received just 43%. Democrats have relied on women's support to make up for the advantage Republicans have among men. But John Kerry has been bleeding support of the fairer sex. The latest New York Times poll actually had Bush up by 5% and a more recent poll had Kerry up by just 3% among women. So what's an aloof and not terribly studly Democratic candidate to do when women are swooning at the president's swagger and tough-guy routine? When "Security Moms" are entrusting the welfare of their families to George W? The appearance on Regis and Kelly didn't hurt. Nor does campaigning with the 9/11 widows the "Jersey Girls." But the real secret weapon: Johnny E.

This headline from The New York Times sort of cracked me up, I guess the use of the word "courts" -- what, were "woos" and "seduces" already taken?

Democrat Edwards Courts Women Voters

He appeared with prominent female backers at an event billed as a conversation with women and families. He argued that he and Kerry are the candidates who can be trusted to keep America safer, pointing to ``the incompetence of the Bush administration.''

By contrast, he said, ``our commitment is real and strong. We will do absolutely everything that needs to be done to keep this country safe.''

``Every single day John Kerry is president of the United States, he is going to tell you the truth,'' Edwards pledged.

Talk about turning a negative into a positive. Edwards has been out of the press limelight lately, surely in spite of his best efforts, and this seems like the perfect project to get him back on center stage.


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