Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Debate Post Mortem

It's unanimous...both Dave and I think Edwards won.

It was an interesting debate. A lot of the pre-debate buzz focused on the differences between the candidates and while they certainly were on display, I personally felt as though they came out evenly on substance and content. Sure Cheney had the statesman-like demeanor of an aged incumbent and Edwards had the scrappy determination (which sometimes bordered on annoyance) of a challenger, but they each held firm to their own beliefs, attacked the other where they differed and defended themselves when attacked. The real difference in my mind came in the connection with the audience. I had no expectation of getting caught up with the words and the sentiments of what these men were saying. I know who I'm voting for, I don't need John Edwards to convince me of crap...the kid has me at hello, yet several times during the debate I found myself taken in with his delivery and his choice of words. And that closing statement, man. Dang. I think that's why you're finding some good results in the insta-polls. First the unscientific online polls (every one in favor of Edwards):

KIRO (Seattle) 77-22
KDBC (El Paso) 94-6
MSNBC (Hardball) 68-32
CNN 77-18
Newsday (New York) 96-4
Akron Beacon Journal 98-2
Pittsburghchannel.com 77-22
Houston Chronicle 90-9
Sun Sentinel
(South Florida) 96-4
Fox News 52-47 (unfuckingbelievable!)
AOL 51-49
Yahoo 63-22
CNBC 74-26

Among the scientific polling, www.dailyKos.com gives it to us:

CBS News tracked the reactions to tonight's vice-presidential debate of a nationwide panel of 169 uncommitted voters - voters who could change their minds before Election Day. Here are the initial results. This scientific poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 7 percentage points:

By 41% to 29%, uncommitted debate watchers say Edwards won the debate tonight.

ABC News poll, 509 interviews +/- 4.5

Who won? (among debate viewers)

Cheney 43%
Edwards 35%
Tie 19%

Vote preference among debate viewers

Before the debate:

Bush/Cheney 51%
Kerry/Edwards 48%

After the debate:

Bush/Cheney 50%
Kerry/Edwards 49%

This poll may have given Cheney the edge, but his ticket lost support.
All in all, another good night for the good guys.

Well done, Johnny.


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