Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Kerry Brings Out The Big Dog

Bill Clinton will be joining John Kerry on the campaign trail 6 weeks after his emergency heart bypass surgery. On Monday they’ll be appearing in Philadelphia together, apparently contrary to Hillary Clinton’s wishes. She did manage to keep him from Arkansas, however, where some Kerry aides had hoped he would go first, but Philly seems as good a place to start as any. It’s close to their home and it’s solid Kerry and Clinton country in a marginal swing state. But let’s face it, Clinton back on the campaign trail will be THE national news story on Monday, beaming into homes of undecideds everywhere. “Remember how much you loved Bill Clinton?” the subliminal message will seem to say. “Remember how he felt your pain? He’s a Democrat. Remember voting Democrat? You can do it again. Forget that Kerry hasn’t convinced you that he feels your pain, or anything for that matter, just look at the guy standing next to him. Remember him…?” and it will just loop.

How will the Bushies try to get a word in edge-wise on Monday? Stay tuned.


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