Friday, October 08, 2004

More Electoral Vote Updates

Slate's electoral map is echoing the surge Kerry's enjoyed since last week's debate. It still has Bush the winner but, at 278 to 260, his margin of victory is narrower than it's been in weeks. Not to mention the fact that this calculation includes an undecided Minnesota and New Hampshire (EVs given to Bush) and a red Wisconsin, three states we're anticipating going blue by November. It also gives Colorado to Bush and Ohio to Kerry, which are likely to flip on election day.

Also, has its new EV count out and Kerry is the winner here with 280 to 239 (with 19 EVs too close to call.) A summary:
There are 48 new polls today in a total of 25 states. The bottom line is that Kerry is continuing to surge. He now has more than the 270 votes in the electoral college needed to be elected president. However, his margin is razor thin in many states. Still, this is a remarkable comeback. From the electoral college graph you can see how steep his rise has been. All of this gain is undoubtedly due to the first debate. Needless to say, tonight's debate will be extremely important for both candidates.


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