Friday, October 08, 2004

NPR Documents Bush Rally Fascism

This piece on NPR this morning is a great story about the seemingly endless list of people who have either been thrown out of or actually denied entry to Bush campaign events for wearing some sort of Kerry paraphernalia (or in one woman's case, a pro-choice t-shirt). The media usually bends over backwards to present both sides of an issue even if the story doesn't merit it, for fear of appearing biased (that is the true accomplishment of the right-wing "liberal media" claim) but sometimes, there's just no "other side of the story" and I applaud NPR for presenting this story honestly, as one-sided as it is. Not that they didn't try to get both sides (to paraphrase):
We asked the Bush campaign for names of people who have complained that they've been asked to leave Kerry events for supporting Bush. They gave us one name and she didn't return our calls.
For in fact, Kerry welcomes dissenters on the campaign trail. And when they heckle him, he thanks George Bush for "sending his goons to fire up the crowd."

The story tells of people being asked to leave Bush rallies by the secret service, deemed a threat to the president for merely wearing a Kerry sticker or a t-shirt. These people are asked to leave and threatened with arrest if they refuse.

Check out a previous post on this sad reality HERE.

Yet another example of the pathetic desperation of Bush's campaign and his insulation from and intolerance of anyone who disagrees with him.


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