Friday, September 03, 2004

Clinton In The Hospital

Bill Clinton, 58, has checked into a hospital here in NYC (reportedly with chest pains) and is now scheduled to get quadruple bypass surgery. MSNBC is reporting that he's been on the South Beach Diet recently and is in the best shape of his life.

OK, they just went to a correspondent on the beach in Florida, there to cover the hurricane, to talk about Bill Clinton. His being in the hospital is eclipsing the Russian hostage situation and the weather in Florida. Weird. He's talking about his dietary habits. Now they have an expert on talking about what exactly quadruple bypass surgery is. Who wants to bet that interns at news outlets everywhere are writing his obituary...just in case.

Feel better, Big Dog.

UPDATE: Fox News is reporting from outside Columbia Presbyterian Hospital that Clinton is merely "undergoing tests" and that if it were something terribly serious, Hillary Clinton would probably be here with him, but she is upstate.

Hmm, is it obscene to think about the political ramifications of this? The constant reminder in the media of this beloved Democratic president can only be good for Kerry. One of Fox News's guests called Clinton "larger than life, one of the true greats in American history."

CNN has a Kerry representative on and she's pushing that "he led us through one of the greatest periods of prosperity." They're now talking about Kerry's health -- the fact that his having survived prostate cancer has not become an issue in this campaign. They're now talking about how athletic and active Kerry is.

UPDATE: His surgery is reportedly scheduled for Tuesday and he's apparently told Terry McCauliffe that he's "fine." Hillary is in Syracuse and may be conducting a press conference later today.

Clinton did come off the campaign trail to check in to the hospital and MSNBC is talking about how this could keep him off for a while as he recuperates, which could be bad for Kerry.


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