Thursday, September 16, 2004

New DNC Ad: "Guard"

The Kerry campaign is finally focusing on something that we've known for a long time: Bush and his administration are masters of obfuscation at best, liars at worst. The DNC's latest 30 second ad called "Guard", set to air in battleground states and on national cable news channels, features clips of George W. Bush claiming victory in Iraq and touting the strength of the economy juxtaposed with statistics that show the reality of the situation in Iraq and the lack of economic recovery.

Watch it HERE.

Here's the script:

VO: George W. Bush [5/1/03]: "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. …the United States and our allies have prevailed."

Text: Since President Bush declared "Mission Accomplished"…867* more American soldiers have been killed in Iraq. (*As of 9-10-04)

Text: Cost: $100 Billion.

VO: George W. Bush [5/4/04]: "…the economy is strong. The economy is getting better."

Text: Sharp rise in poverty reported [Chicago Tribune headline, 8/27/04]

Text: The Gap in Wages is Growing Again for U.S. Workers [Wall Street Journal Headline, 1/23/04]

Text: Record 45 million people lack coverage [Chicago Tribune headline, 8/27/04]

Text: How can you solve problems…when you won't even admit they're there?

Text: America can do better.


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