Saturday, September 18, 2004

On The 5

I was driving down the 5 Freeway today, the bumper of my 93 Nissan emblazoned with 4 bumper stickers, reading from left to right as follows:

"John Kerry"
"Nothing Accomplished" ("Mission" is crossed out and "Nothing" printed in its place)
"A Republican Stole My Other Bumper Sticker"*

*My original John Kerry sticker was swiped, as I write HERE, but I found a replacement.

...and a black Audi coupe of some sort pulls up beside me, the driver looks over and simply lifts a printed out "Bush/Cheney" sign, shakes it in my general direction, and drives off.

Oooh, I've been served.

I couldn't help but think how sad of a proclamation of support that was. Does he just have the little sign sitting on the passenger seat of his car just waiting to be flashed at any unsuspecting Kerry supporter he passes? And what if he actually has a passenger? "Sorry, you have to sit in the back, my sign gets shotgun." And what, is he going to do that to every car with a Kerry bumper sticker in Los Angeles, cause I'd like to recommend that he perhaps focus on the road when driving and not on the hordes of Democrats driving around Los Angeles. OK, fine, you don't want to blemish the bumper of your sweet vehicle, but there are other options -- tape a sticker or sign to the inside of your window, or get one of those nifty magnetic signs for your bumper or even your car door. You can remove them every time you get out of the car so that a nasty Democrat (or an envious Republican) doesn't steal it. But I guess there is something to be said for not merely letting the inanimate sign on the inanimate car do the talking when it comes to ones political beliefs. I must admit that once I saw him shake his sign, I looked around for anything within my reach that I might be able to shake back at him but alas the empty Diet Coke can didn't cut it. I wanted to engage him in this silent dialogue he'd begun, but not just to express my support of the other guy, I also sort of wanted to applaud his enthusiasm, cheer on his activism, as half-assed (and, in my opinion, as misguided) as it may have been. "May the best man win," I wanted to say. But he was off, speeding down the 5, living to fight another day and shake his sign at other conspicuous Kerry supporters throughout the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.


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