Thursday, October 21, 2004

God Said, God Said

On Tuesday, Pat Robertson told CNN that when he warned the President before the war that there would be serious casualties in Iraq and that he should prepare the American people (psst...God told him so), Bush responded:

Oh, no, we're not going to have any casualties.
Since we know that Bush speaks with God regularly, we can only assume that God was sending some seriously mixed messages. Or, as WDR's friend Fletcher Christian suggests:

Pat Robertson and the president seem to be attempting to prove polytheism. Robertson’s god told him that Iraq would be nothing but death and destruction; Bush’s god told him it would all be wine and roses. Either the presidential hotline to heaven has been disconnected or Pat is talking to Athena while W. is chatting up Ares.

Either way, damage control has commenced and entails, essentially, calling Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, a liar.

White House and campaign advisers denied Bush made the comment, with adviser Karen Hughes saying, "I don't believe that happened. He must have misunderstood or misheard it."

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said, "Of course, the president never made such a comment."
Pat Robertson released the following irrelevant statement in response:
I emphatically stated that I believe 'the blessing of heaven is upon him' and I am persuaded that he will win this election and prevail on the war against terror in order to keep America safe from her avowed enemies.
As for other messages he's been getting from God:
In January, Robertson told viewers during his "700 Club" television program that God had told him Bush would win re-election in a blowout." In the CNN interview, Robertson said he believes Bush will win by a "razor-thin" margin but by a substantial Electoral College victory.
OK, how many gods are there exactly, or does he just keep changing his mind, 'cause he keeps telling me it's gonna be Kerry.


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