Monday, September 20, 2004

Kerry's Speech at NYU - Excerpt #1

Kerry spoke this morning about Iraq and absolutely pummelled the president for both poor judgment and misleading the nation. But he did it in a way that doesn't just criticize, he makes a case for a Kerry presidency. It's an amazing speech, articulating all the things we've wanted him to say for months. Read it in full HERE.

In fighting the war on terrorism, my principles are straight forward. The terrorists are beyond reason. We must destroy them. As president, I will do whatever it takes, as long as it takes, to defeat our enemies. But billions of people around the world yearning for a better life are open to America’s ideals. We must reach them.

To win, America must be strong. And America must be smart. The greatest threat we face is the possibility Al Qaeda or other terrorists will get their hands on a nuclear weapon.

To prevent that from happening, we must call on the totality of America’s strength. Strong alliances, to help us stop the world’s most lethal weapons from falling into the most dangerous hands. A powerful military, transformed to meet the new threats of terrorism and the spread of weapons of mass destruction. And all of America’s power – our diplomacy, our intelligence system, our economic power, the appeal of our values – each of which is critical to making America more secure and preventing a new generation of terrorists from emerging.


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